First-Time Freshman Students

  1. High School Graduation
    Graduated from an accredited high school or the equivalent GED is required.
  2. Grade Point Average
    A minimum high school cumulative grade point average of 2.4 is required. Students who have a high school cumulative grade point average which places them in the top twenty percent of their graduating class, and who complete the high school course distribution requirements as specified below, shall be given automatic admission to Florida Memorial University.
  3. Admission Test Scores
    Applicants should submit SAT-I or ACT scores. Test scores are also used for advisement and placement purposes for first-time-in-college applicants.
  4. High School Course Distribution requirements for Florida Residents
    A student’s high school preparation should include units in the following core areas:

    • English 4 units (3 with substantial writing)
    • Mathematics 3 units (Algebra 1 and above)
    • Natural Science 3 units (2 with lab)
    • Social Science 3 units
    • Foreign Language 2 units (in the same language)
    • Approved Electives 4 units


2.0 -2.39 GPA (unweighted)

ACT Score Range 13 – 16

SAT Score Range 500 – 699

Conditional Acceptance (pending final GPA)


2.4 and up GPA (unweighted)

Minimum ACT Score – 17 and up

Minimum SAT Score 700 and up

Acceptance (maintain GPA through graduation)

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