Why Your Support Matters

Tuition and state support do not cover the cost of a Florid Memorial University education. The University depends on private gifts. Learn now how your support can make not only an impact but A Promise A Future.

Your gift will help increase educational opportunities for our students. Every gift counts whether large or small; and, all gifts are tax. Gifts to FMU can qualify as Annual Fund, Planned Gift, Designated Gift, a double or tripled through Corporate Matching Gift. Each type of gift makes an impact on current as well as future students at Florid Memorial University. Your gift to FMU provides an array of services to the university, out students and the community.

While both restricted and unrestricted gifts are equally welcomed at the university, unrestricted gifts, allow FMU the greatest flexibility to allocate funds where they are most needed at the university. However, donors may designate their gifts to specific endowments, scholarships, and academic division or programs within the University.

Regardless of what giving program you support, your gift will play a significant role in ensuring that all students have an opportunity to pursue A Promise A Future at FMU.

Thank you for caring enough to make a difference through your donation to Florida Memorial University. Please join us in the pursuit of excellence.

“Give Now” to make your gift securely online or discover more ways to make your gift.

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