Lizzie Polly Robinson-Brown Jenkins

lizzie_robinson_brown_jenkinsLizzie Polly Robinson-Brown Jenkins was born in Archer, Florida, October 25, 1938, growing up on a farm with parents, Hura and Theresa Brown Robinson, skilled farmers who purchased a 285 acre Farm in 1940, industrialized parental commandments, shaped young minds, build work ethic, mounted morals aspirations for their children using good judgment. Jenkins, the youngest of five children reared in a nurturing home, where she was expected to not only excel, but become a beacon of light for others. A lover of books at first glance and believed born to explore, research, authenticate the history of a people while preserving community life.

She is a lifelong resident of Archer, Florida, where she attended Archer Negro Elementary/High School, graduating from Lincoln in 1957, Gainesville, Florida. She matriculated through Florida Memorial College following in the footprints of her Rosewood Aunt, Mahulda Gussie Brown Carrier, receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in 1961. She furthered her education at Nova University where she earned a Master’s Degree in Administration 1978. During her transition years she attended both Santa Fe Community College and the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. Both parents emphasized, knowledge is power that would open doors that would result in triumph. She prides herself by giving back to education in the spirit of scholarships.

Rosewood Descendant, Jenkins, has amassed more than twenty-five years of community research authenticating and preserving Rosewood and family history. Her Aunt, Mahulda Gussie Brown Carrier, an Archer, Florida, native, was the Rosewood schoolteacher, 1915-1923 and a 1923 Rosewood survivor. Carrier, the first and only African America female principal in Levy county and believed the second African American female principal in the state of Florida. Robinson’s strong advice, “Never forget my sister’s suffrage. Carrier’s story is Jenkins’ story, orally passed down by Carrier’s sister and Jenkins’ mother, the family historian. Other accomplishments proved her Aunt the Rosewood schoolteacher, Mahulda Gussie Brown Carrier, was believed the second African American female principal in Florida and was honored as one of the 2000 Great Floridians and only African American female principal in Levy County.

Jenkins is a Life Member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., NAACP, and ACPO. In addition, she is a member of several other organizations.

Jenkins, a retired educator, researcher, and published authorand historian is credited a real storyteller organizing Rosewood tours for interested schools, organizations and churches. Plans are in place to produce a play, “Rosewood on My Mind”, followed by a documentary, “The Reel Rosewood”. Jenkins is married to John M. Jenkins, Sr.

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