Dr. Collen Fitzcharles-Bowe

Dr. Collen Fitzcharles-Bowe

Dr. Collen Fitcharles Bowe1985 graduate

Major: Bachelor’s degree in Biology; M.B.B.S Medicine, University of the West Indies, Kingston Jamaica; Post-Graduate Training: Plastic & Reconstructive surgery and Hand surgery: Dalhousie University: Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Profession: Medical Doctor

Dr. Fitzcharles-Bowe is the first Bahamian born female surgeon in the department of surgery at the Doctors Hospital and the Princess Margaret Hospital. She is recognized for her contributions to hand surgery in the Bahamas and is responsible for starting the comprehensive hand clinic. Dr. Fitzcharles-Bowe is keenly focused on reconstructive surgery to improve the function in hands, lower limbs, face and trunk, she also performs cosmetic procedures.

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