WildflowerAuthor:  Beatrice Harris

Author Beatrice Harris shares the story of a life’s journey of pain, misery, and eventual joy and triumph in her book Wildflower. The book tells the author’s own true story, as experienced through the life of Cherolyn, the girl who loved to run. Cherolyn, the book’s main protagonist, was born into a life filled with challenges, even early on in her childhood. She was born to uneducated parents and was raised in a home where abuse was commonplace. Her father physically abused her mother and the other children as well. Despite this, Cherolyn loved her father, and he in turn, was very proud of her, encouraging her and telling her that she was destined for something greater. Cherolyn took her father’s belief to heart, and ran with it. She passed through many roads in her life, roads that led her to meet new people, start on new adventures, and even finish old ones. On all these roads, she faced many challenges and received countless blessings as well. Travelling through several rough patches in life pushed Cherolyn to find herself and establish a better life – something she accomplished after several years of joy and, mostly, pain. Wildflower reflects these challenges and its effects on Cherolyn, and of course, the author as well.

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