What if She Knew She Was Powerful

Author: Shelia Lenora Johnson PetersWhat if She Knew She Was Powerful
What If She Knew She Was Powerful: A Real Life SuperWoman

This biography brings to light the suffering and abuse of a woman who has endured much. It serves as an encouragement to many women across the globe who are presently suffering abuse in their relationships, as well as a cautionary tale for others to take steps to avoid such abusive situations. This is a must-read book written in a time where many of the abused can find solace and others can get guidance and seek help in finding the right mate. It’s an awesome read.

She didn’t quit. She didn’t give up. She didn’t stop. She didn’t succumb. She stumbled, she fell, but she picked herself up and kept going until she persevered and succeeded pulling behind all who are associated with her. Shelia L. Johnson Peters has “true grit,” a “crown of many stars,” and an unfinished story.

At the age of fifteen, Shelia met and fell in love with a hometown boy named Erwin B. Johnson. The couple exchanged vows, and this union produced eight children: five girls and three boys. After nineteen years within a tumultuous and unfulfilling marriage, Shelia was unable to endure it any longer and made the life-changing decision to end her marriage. Her courageous decision to escape was fueled by the devotion and trust in her faith and the overwhelming fear for her children, whom she devoted her life to. Shelia did not escape empty-handed but with all eight of her children behind her and set sail on a long journey to the United States. The year was 1982.

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