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Florida Memorial University’s “Black Male College Explorers Program” is an at risk intervention program designed specifically for Black Males. High schools and middle schools are asked to identify “At-Risk” Black Males in grades 7th-12th. A team of school and community leaders provides supportive services for the students during the regular school year. Florida Memorial University provides six weeks of highly concentrated developmental experiences during the summer while students live on campus. An appropriate number of high school and college professors are hired to teach S.T.E.M. subjects that include, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Personal growth and developmental activities are provided through weekly seminars and workshops.


The goals of the program are to increase the amount of Black Males graduating from high school, facilitate their admission to college, and significantly increase their chances of earning a college degree.


  • A middle school or high school Black Male in grades 7th –12th.
  • A depressed grade point average that does not adequately represent the potential of the student.
  • A history of disciplinary problems or the propensity to display irregular behavior.
  • An expressed interest in the program.
  • A willingness to consider post-secondary education after high school.
  • Any unique situation/problem that makes a student potentially at-risk.

Program Objectives:

  • To decrease the disproportionate number of illiterate Black Males.
  • To decrease the number of Black Males dropouts from high school.
  • To decrease the number of Black Males suspended or expelled from school for disciplinary reasons.
  • To decrease the number of Black Males unemployed and/or under-employed.
  • To decrease the steady decline in the rate of Black Males who enter and complete college, as a viable alternative for improving their quality of life.


The following component of services will be provided to students:

Phase One

  • Academic support activities.
  • Personal developmental seminars
  • Mentoring
  • Career exploration and planning seminars
  • College orientation and motivational activities

Phase Two

  • Five (5) weeks of academic experimental instruction.
  • Five (5) weeks of college residential life.
  • Lodging, food, books, and classroom materials
  • Transportation to and from Florida Memorial University.
  • Summer matriculation for 9th –12th grade students.

Projected Goals-Outcomes

The successful attainment of the following program is projected:

  • Seventy-five percent of the participants will have a .5 percent increase in their
  • grade point average (GPA).
  • Ninety percent of the participants will meet the minimum requirements for college prior to high school graduation.
  • Ninety percent of the participants will graduate from high school.
  • Eighty percent of the graduates will enroll in either technical school or college.
  • Ten percent of the participants will enter the work force.
  • Eighty percent of the participants will demonstrate favorable changes I attitude and behavior.

A collaborative partnership will be formed by teachers, guidance counselors, the business community, social service organizations, and parents to promote the attainment of the program’s goals. Goals will be measured by observation, student academic performance and achievement, standardize test scores, pre/post assessment test, and pre/post attitude surveys.

Contact Information:

Rashard Johnson, Director
Black Male College Explorers Program
(305) 626-3163

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