How do I get medical care if I get sick?

  1. There is a clinic on the first floor of Building 3 that provides limited medical care. The opening hours are Monday to Friday 9:00am – 5.00pm
  2. Full-time students who register with Teladoc may consult with a Board Certified Doctor by telephone, or Skype to receive assistance 24/7/365 days per year. Please have the phone number of the nearest Pharmacy, in case you need to have a prescription filled.

Do I get billed for services in the on-campus clinic?

Some services may be billed to you. The clinic personnel will explain charges for service.

Can I use my own insurance at the clinic?

Before you get sick, please visit the clinic for information regarding your private insurance. If you are an out of state student please notify your insurance carrier of your new location and information on how to locate a doctor who is in-network.

Is my primary insurance paying for services I receive from another facility?

You need to present both your private and the university provided insurance when you receive services off campus. You need to contact your primary insurance company and also the Office of Health Education at 305-626-3120 for further information.
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Is a physical examination required for admission?

Yes. This document must be submitted at the time of your admission.

What should I do if my Immunization Records are lost or unavailable?

You may ask the doctor to do a titer to verify your immunity.

Is it mandatory to receive the meningitis vaccine prior to entering FMU?

This vaccine is required but not mandatory. If you choose not to have this vaccine, please complete and return the document provided for you to do so.

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Why do I get a bill for services provided in the clinic?

Some procedures are sent off-campus for diagnostic purposes. These companies will bill you for their services.

How do I get help with managing my health insurance bills?

You may make an appointment for assistance at 305-626-3120.

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