Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

The Florida Memorial University Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is designed to enhance students’ critical thinking skills. Our focus is to improve the critical thinking skills of undergraduate students as we prepare them to function effectively in a highly competitive technological and global society. This is derived from FMU’s Statement of Purpose, in which the University recognizes that “education contributes to the quality of life and expects that students will leave its community of scholars and traditions prepared to participate fully in a global society”.

The QEP is centered on preparing our undergraduate students to succeed in college and in society by developing their critical thinking skills in five (5) freshman courses in our General Education Program, and reinforcing these skills throughout the undergraduate courses in the major areas of study.

The Goal of the QEP: To Improve and Access Student Performance In Critical Thinking

Based on the QEP goal, the following Student Learning Outcomes have been identified:

    • Students will use concepts and theories to guide their reasoning.
    • Students will analyze major concepts and identify their basic components.
    • Students will synthesize ideas into more complex interpretations or relationships.
    • Students will evaluate the quality of information, and assess the soundness of conclusions.
  • Students will apply theories or concepts to practical problems or in new situations.
  • Students communicate any or all of the above processes in written and oral form.

The QEP Will Be Implemented In Three Coordinated Phases

  1. Introductory Stage: Five (5) courses in the General Education Program will include a focus on teaching and developing of critical thinking skills.
  2. Reinforcing Stage: These skills will be reinforced in the undergraduate courses in the major areas of study.
  3. Mastery Stage: The knowledge and skills developed will be applied in a Mastery Level activity addressing practical issues.

Faculty development will be an integral and important part of the QEP. Therefore, our plan includes a sustained and substantive plan of faculty development throughout the phases of the QEP implementation.

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Director: Idriss Abdoulaye

Phone: (305) 623-1405 – Email: Idriss.Abdoulaye@fmuniv.edu

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