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Florida Memorial University offers select online courses to its students. FMU supports its students and their educational goals by being a member in the Acadeum (formerly CIC) College Consortium. This partnership for select online courses found through the College Consortium Platform supports the commitment to our students and is a conscientious effort to assist them academically whether there is a need to repeat a course, to increase one’s grade point average to remain enrolled, or to increase one’s grade point average to maintain athletic eligibility.

Consortial Courses are transcribed on the student’s FMU transcript, and this practice makes it possible for:

  • The Home Institution (FMU) to apply financial aid to the courses;
  • Students to have an opportunity to improve the cumulative GPA by a substituting Consortial course grade when the course is eligible for course repeat (typically a C-, D, F, FN or WF); and,
  • Students to count the course(s) towards part or full-time status and residency requirements.

Approving Courses

The Provost, Chairs, Deans, and the University Registrar collaborate to approve a list of Consortial courses to make available to students. In choosing courses, they review course syllabi, faculty credentials, and additional assessment of learning outcomes data. Visit the FMU Acadeum Portal to review the list of available courses.

Student requests course(s)

A student can request courses in two ways:

  • Through the FMU Acadeum Portal (requires login to the College Consortium Platform using the students FMU email address)
  • Through an advisor or the University Registrar (particularly for courses that are not in the student portal but which a student may need)

Approving student requests

FMU will review the student’s course request through the College Consortium Platform while taking into consideration eligibility (e.g., does the student need the course, is the student on a financial hold, has the course prerequisite been met, etcetera), and FMU will either approve or deny the request. To help with this review and approval process, students should enter in the comments section the reason for taking an Acadeum Course.

Communication to student about requests

After a student submits an Acadeum Course request, the University Registrar will send one of two e-mail communications:

1. Denied, which may require the student to respond with additional information.
2. Approved, which gives the student information and the course fee that will be charged.

Course billing and student payment

The student pays FMU’s course fee rate for the Acadeum Course. Many institutions require full payment before a student can start an Acadeum Course.

Maintaining the official course record

Institutions transcribe Acadeum courses differently, but here are the most common practices:

  • Use a “C” designation and a course number that is the same or similar to the equivalent Home Institution course (e.g., C SPA102 Elementary Spanish).
  • Course numbers may vary from the strict Home Institution equivalent, but in all cases, they correspond to the academic level (e.g., freshman, junior, senior, etc.).

Some institutions also use an Advising Requirement Code for each “C” course to differentiate courses and to ensure equivalencies are recognized.

Finally, some institutions record full details for each course (e.g., equivalency, etc.) in the “section master course text” section or its equivalent in the Student Information System, so that all can understand what course has been transcribed and its relation to the Home Institution’s equivalent.

Home Institution Billing

The Home Institution (Florida Memorial University) will bill the student for courses offered on the College Consortium Platform, according to our Schedule of Tuition and Fees.


Once a student enrolls in a course offered through the College Consortium Platform the student agrees to pay the course fee. The fee is non-refundable after the first day of class.


Ms. Diamond Castillo
Administrative Assistant
Student Services Building #139

Ms. Winifred Jones
Associate Registrar
Student Services Building #139

Dr. Prudence Lewis-Bhola
University Registrar

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