Star Alumni

Coronation 2022 was a royal affair for Jalil Lee and La’Karla Moore.

2022 Coronation

The “On Cloud 9” semi-formal themed event was perfect for Lee and Moore who are both aviation majors.

Barrington Irving (Class of 2009)

Barrington Irving

As a Flight Education major at Florida Memorial University, with just 600 hours of certified flight time, Barrington promised himself he would become the youngest—and the first of African descent—to fly solo around the world. On June 27, 2007, after 130 hours in flight, 95 days, 26,800 miles, and landings in countries such as the Azores, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Egypt, Dubai, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, China, Japan, and Russia, Barrington made good on his promise. In 2005, he established the non-profit Experience Aviation Learning Center to highlight his efforts and address the significant shortage of youth pursuing careers in aviation and aerospace.

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