Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I want to major in aviation. What should I do?
    First of all, you need to be specific. Telling your advisor that you want to major in “aviation” is like telling
    the waiter at a restaurant that you want to buy some food. Here at FMU, we have three aviation majors;
    Aeronautic Science with concentrations in Flight Education or Air Traffic Control and Aviation
    Management. If you want to become a professional pilot, you should major in the flight education
    concentration. Note that there will be significant additional charges to cover your flight training that are
    over and above your tuition and fees at FMU.
  2. How much does flight training cost?
    Flight training has been contracted to Endeavor Flight Training Center which is located a short distance
    from campus at Opa Locka Airport. We do NOT conducted in-house flight training. In addition, you must
    earn your commercial license (within your 4 years of matriculation at FMU) which will cost
    approximately $60,000 [cost varies depending on fuel, inflation, your ability to learn and perform the
    maneuvers, etc]. Flight training costs CANNOT be paid with student loans through the university. The
    safest and surest method is the plan on paying out of pocket.
  3. How soon will I have to pay the money for flight school?
    Basically, you pay as you go. It is desirable that you begin your flight training during your second
    semester. You are expected to pay for each flight after it is done, typically around $350, and you need to
    fly at least twice per week. [Ground school training is $50 per hour] One method typically used by
    students is to put no less than $5,000 on your account with Endeavour and allow them to put from it as
    required and then replenish.
  4. Will it cost anything extra to pursue other aviation degrees?
    No. All other degree programs are covered by your college tuition.
  5. I want to major in the air traffic control concentration. Will I be hired as an air traffic controller
    when I graduate?
    Your ATC degree will NOT guarantee you a job as an air traffic controller. We will give you a solid
    foundation to be successful in the career field, but you will need to pass not only general knowledge
    tests, but also a personality test BEFORE you are put in a pool to be selected as a candidate for hire by
    the Federal Aviation Administration.
  6. Are there scholarships available to cover flight training?
    Very few. Highly qualified students may earn up to $5,000 per year in external scholarships, but it will be
    your responsibility to seek them out.
  7. Do you offer internships?
    Yes. We have several companies who offer aviation related internships to our students. Selection for
    these valuable learning opportunities is competitive.
  8. What courses will I have to take?
    The course degree sheet for each aviation major is located on the web.
  9. I’ve been accepted at FMU. What is my next step?
    You need to speak to Dr. Guerro, chair of the Department of Aviation & Safety. He will provide
    further details about our aviation programs and help you select your classes. He will be your point of
    contact for any questions or concerns you may have. Email him at jorge.guerra@fmuniv.edu.
  10. I really want to become a pilot, but I don’t have the money. What can I do?
    The military is a good choice. Top students can earn pilot training slots in the Air Force, Army, Coast
    Guard or Marines. If your GPA is competitive and you are in great shape, speak with Captain Tolbert
    about this option.
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