Research Experiential Learning and Performing Arts Day (RELPAD)

RELPAD is a forum for the students of Florida Memorial University (FMU) to showcase their talents, research projects, and experiential learning experiences. The need to promote student success and exhibit pride in their hard work and talents led to the conception and implementation of such an event at FMU. RELPAD was started 12 years ago in FMU by Dr. Denise Callwood-Brathwaite to encourage students to exhibit their capstone experience in the form of senior projects, experiential learning experiences, and their performing arts abilities.Participation in this event allows students an opportunity to exhibit their accomplishments and their preparation for graduate and professional studies. Among the very many benefits of such an event on the campus are;

  • Experience presenting scientific findings
  • Experience sharing experiential learning
  • Opportunity to exhibit talents in performing arts
  • Receiving feedback from faculty for the work done
  • Competing for prizes
  • Adding strength to the resume

Florida Memorial University has provided such a platform to its students for the past 12 years. Faculty members serve on the committee with one of the members chairing the committee. This industrious committee was chaired in the past by Dr. Monique Earl-Lewis (2004 to 2006),
Dr. Dimitri Tamalis (2007 to 2014), and is currently chaired by Dr. Annamaria Jerome-Raja.