JR. AFROTC Summer Program

The Jr. AFROTC program will offer a unique, challenging and hands-on summer exploration program for high school students, 11th – 12th grade, interested in Aviation. This abbreviated summer program will consist of an 8-week curriculum that reflects Florida Memorial University’s Department of Aviation and Safety’s values, which serves as a focal point of technological education at the university. The program will test the student’s critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, and written and oral communication.

In partnership, we will:

  • Empower students with knowledge of a range of aviation careers, aviation safety and security theories, aviation history, flight design, maintenance, and management.
  • Engage students through visits to aviation sites throughout South Florida learning about flight operation and systems.
  • Encourage interactive discussions and experiences that include flight simulations and flights in aircraft. • Motivate and challenge students to solve complex real-world problems in Avionics.

This program will expose, prepare, and drive underrepresented minority juniors and seniors with an aviation career interest to Florida Memorial University’s Aviation Program and equip participating students with the qualifications needed to be career ready when applying for jobs in the aviation industry. This program will also create an academic pipeline for prospective students with the knowledge, skills, tools, and resources to ensure a smooth transition into Florida Memorial University’s Department of Aviation. It will serve as a conduit for experiential learning, ensuring that these future Lions attain the knowledge and skills to graduate and become global leaders in Aviation.

Applications are closed.

Camp Dates:
June 5, 2021-July 30, 2021

Application Link:

Contact Information:
Name: Jorge Guerra, Director
Phone: (954)275-7470
Email: Jorge.guerra@fmuniv.edu

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