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Welcome to Florida Memorial University Community Engagement, Outreach and Summer Camp Management Services, provided by the Office of Continuing Education and Professional Studies (OCEPS).

Developing and planning a successful event requires a great deal of time, effort, and attention to detail. OCEPS has a variety of resources available to help you plan your next event, including strategic planning, online registration, logistics coordination, financial management, publication design and preparation, and on-site facilitation. We work with you every step of the way to plan and execute your event.

Whether your attendees are local to South Florida, or a group of international dignitaries, our goal is to allow you to focus on the content of the program and let us deal with the behind-the-scenes coordination. Customer service, for both our campus clients and the guests who attend their programs, is our top priority. Our main priority is to represent Florida Memorial University in positive manner and reflect the values of our institution, as well as your discipline.


Planning and delivering a successful event is a time-intensive endeavor. From the outset of planning, through the delivery of the program, there are a myriad of details to consider and needs to anticipate. OCEPS is equipped to provide professional support and assistance with managing all the details. Our commitment to excellence and customer service will ensure your participants enjoy their experience. Regardless of how large or how small, our staff will help you with all aspects of delivering a successful conference program.

  • Location– Determining the right location to host your event is one of the most important decisions you will make in planning a successful conference. OCEP’s management team will help you pick a venue conducive to learning as well as cost-effective for your program budget.
  • Logistics and Planning– When planning an event, there are countless details that can be overlooked and could cause a great program idea to go flat. OCEP’s team will work with you to create a timeline of milestones and a checklist of tasks to keep your conference on target. From beginning to end, our priority is to provide complete support every step of the way. One key service that our team can provide is the creation and maintenance of a conference website for use in marketing and sharing information with participants.
  • Preparing for the Event– OCEP’s planning team is capable of developing a comprehensive action plan to facilitate an incredible experience on campus.
  • On-Site Management– In addition to the preparations leading up to an event, our staff can provide on-site management experience for your program. These services include staffing registration tables, coordinating catering according to the event agenda, and serving as official hosts to your guests on your behalf. We delight in making your guests feel welcome and look forward to the opportunity to be at their service. Other on-site services may include handling walk-in registrations, coordinating audio-visual needs, and taking care of unexpected situations that may arise. Our team works will keep the program running smoothly and make sure your guests are satisfied.

Inquiry – Request a Quote

Event Inquiry Form
This form is intended for use by internal or external groups wishing to speak with a University representative about the potential use of Florida Memorial University facilities and services for an upcoming event. If facilities and services are available to support your event, the University will issue a contract outlining the agreement. Please note that the State of Florida mandates that groups have individual and aggregated bodily injury and liability policies issued by a Class A company, assignable to the University and the State of Florida.

Summer Outreach & Programs Event Inquiry Form
Questions marked by * are required.
1. Name: *
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7. Organization or Event Website:
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9. How did you learn about Florida Memorial University as a possible location for your upcoming event?:

  • University Website
  • Visit to Campus
  • Florida Memorial University
  • Social Media
  • Other
10. If referred by a FMU faculty or staff member, please list the name:
11. Event Title: *
12. Type of Event(s): (check all that apply): *

  • Day Conference/Camp
  • Athletic Event
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  • Training/Workshop/Seminar
  • Performance Banquet/Reception/Catered Event
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13. If other, please list the event type:
14. Who is the target audience?: *

  • Invited Guests Only
  • General Public
  • Minors (under the age 18)
  • Dignitaries/Officials
  • Open to the FMU Community
  • Other
15. If other, please list the target audience:
16. Number of participants expected: *
17. Potential date(s) including the year: *
18. Are the dates flexible?: *

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  • No
19. Type of Facility(s) Needed: (check all that apply): *

  • Meeting Room(s)
  • On-Campus Housing (Mid May-Mid August only)
  • Athletic Facility(s)
  • Performance Venue(s)
  • Exhibit Space
  • Banquet/Reception Area(s)
  • Computer Lab
  • Other
20. If other, type of facility(s) needed
21. Describe any special needs the event or participants may require:
22. Other Comments:

For more information or to schedule a free consultation, please contact Dr. Donnie Hale at or (305).626-3768 to discuss your needs.

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