The Center for Testing, Accommodations, Data & Analysis (TADA) provides college placement and diagnostic testing for all students entering the university who have not taken the SAT or ACT and students with SAT/ACT scores that fall below the university’s requirements.  FMU uses the Postsecondary Educational Readiness Test (PERT) for college placement. There are four phases to the testing program: (1) college placement testing, (2) data analysis of student placement, and (3) continuous assessment of freshman students’ academic performance and (4) computer assisted instruction through the PERT Student Performance Monitoring System. TADA assists in the early identification of these potentially at-risk students through formative pre-testing and summative post-testing.

TADA also houses federally required services for students with disabilities. Florida Memorial University (FMU) seeks to fully comply with federal guidelines for accommodating the diverse needs of its students by providing equal access to academic support services pursuant to the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). New freshman and transfer students may apply for accommodations once admitted to Florida Memorial University. Current students may apply at any time. It is the student’s responsibility to identify himself or herself to CASR/TADA and present valid documentation of a legally valid disability in order to receive academic accommodations.

The Application for Accommodations and Services is available in the CASR/TADA located in Sarah Blocker Hall, Room 117. CASR/TADA values the confidential nature of your disability-related information. Student records are protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Our staff will assist you with obtaining approved classroom accommodations, exam accommodations, etc. and other services that are available. Our contact information is 305-626-3775 or