Academic Advising

Freshman Academic Advising and Advocacy provides academic success advocacy services, including academic advising, course selection, degree plan counseling, and monitoring and intervention, academic improvement plans, and transcript evaluation. This vital component of the Center for Academic Resources and Support (CARS) helps students learn to “drive” their academic success by teaching them to take control of all decisions concerning their academic experience. Additionally, the advisors advocate for students with faculty when warranted.

The Advising-Advocacy component of CARS consists of academic advisor-advocates who assist freshmen and are students’ most important connection to the university. Advisor-Advocates, through mandatory advising conferences, provide stability and help students to understand that pursing a higher education is a serious responsibility. The transition from high school to college can sometimes be difficult and advisor-advocates are the first resource of support beyond the classroom.

Florida Memorial University employs an “Intrusive/Developmental Advising” model. Intrusive advising is a proactive strategy that allows advisor-advocates to build ongoing relationships with students. Advisor-Advocates establish close bonds with students through face-to-face contacts, instruction in University 101 and via technology.

In order to build a strong working relationship each student is required to:

  • Participate in three (3) mandatory advising conferences each semester.
  • Maintain regular contact with his/her advisor.
  • Maintain regular email communication through university email address.
  • Provide any and all information that may have an effect either academically or personally.
  • Keep abreast of all academic developments throughout the year.
  • Declare a major in the first semester and connect with that school and/or department.
  • Engage in the advising process for optimal understanding.

List of Advisors

The Academic Advising and Advocacy office is located in Room 111 in Sarah A. Blocker Hall.

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