Request for Proposal

All proposals should be legible and thoroughly detailed as possible so that capabilities to provide the required services can be properly evaluated. To be considered, RFP responses must be manually signed by an authorizing representative of the firm, include a cover page and all applicable attachments.

RFP submissions are covered by the cone of silence which prohibits oral communication between service providers, bidders, lobbyists, Florida Memorial University professional staff, and the Board of Trustees. Written and verbal communications are permitted at all times, but must specifically be directed to Florida Memorial University’s Office of Purchasing and Procurement Services Director, Mrs. Cheryl Phillip. Questions concerning a RFP submission should be directed to Mrs. Cheryl Phillip as follows:

Phone: (305) 626-3652

Addenda may be posted up until the closing date of the RFP. The RFP and addenda documents referenced on this page may contain links to other documents. These additional documents are also part of the RFP. It is the firm’s responsibility to review the entire RFP prior to the firm’s submittal of a proposal.


Name Issue Date Closing Date &
Awarded To Award Date
Default Aversion and Financial Literacy Services  7/27/2015 8/24/2015 @ 3:00pm USA Funds 11/23/2015
Security Guard Services  12/1/2015 1/8/2016 @ 3:00pm AlliedBarton Security Services 5/13/2016

Competitive Solicitation

Name Issue Date Closing Date &
Awarded To Award Date
RFP (Addendum 1) – Security Guard Services  12/9/2015 1/8/2016 @ 3:00pm TBA TBA
RFP (Addendum 2) – Security Guard Services

 12/18/2015 1/8/2016 @ 3:00pm TBA TBA

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