We are proud

At Florida Memorial we believe parents and families are an important part of the university community. After all, no one knows our students better than you do. We invite you to be a part of campus life, and we want you to contact us if there is anything you need or if you have suggestions for us. You can email us at or call us toll-free at 1 (800) 822-1362.

Parents & Families

We know that your son or daughter continues to seek your advice and guidance when it comes to college life (and not just when they need money). You’ll probably get calls about grades, getting an internship, or roommate issues. This is good. We want you to be an informed resource when your son or daughter calls.

Parents’ Orientation

When students attend their orientation program, parents and family members are invited to a special session just for them. Parents’ Orientation is designed to be an in-depth introduction to the University and will address many questions parents often have. Register Today!