Nielsen Executive Encourages FMU Scholars to Proceed with Confidence

Cheryl Pearson-McNeil, a senior vice president of public affairs and government relations encouraged more than 500 scholars to “proceed with confidence,” at Florida Memorial University’s Honors and Awards Day program. Pearson-McNeil shared her wisdom and guidance with the audience.

“Your authenticity increases the value of what you bring to the table,” Pearson-McNeil advised. “Embrace disappointments because the lessons you learn will contribute to your ‘secret sauce’.”

She jokingly cautioned students to dodge “professional stalkers.”

“Practice safe savings and responsible money management,” the Purdue University alumna said. “Save for emergencies and avoid unnecessary debt. Those bill collectors are professional stalkers, who won’t stop calling you.”

Honors and Award Day celebrates the academic achievements of students and scholarship recipients. Randy James, PhD, chairman of the program committee commended the honorees.

“Today we showcase the best and brightest students we have at FMU,” James said. “This honor demonstrates their commitment to excellence and academic performance.”

William Boyd, a senior majoring in political science, was “honored” to earn a spot on the President’s List. The list showcases full-time students earning a 4.0 grade point average in during a semester in the previous academic year.

“Florida Memorial University has provided an excellent undergraduate foundation for me,” Boyd said. “I am striving to be consistent and continue performing at a high level.”

Boyd, 24, graduates next semester. After graduation, he plans to perform a year-long study in Turkey and start a graduate program at an Ivy-League university.

Nearly one-third of FMU’s students are on honor rolls. For more information please contact Zachary Rinkins in the Florida Memorial University Office of Public Affairs at 305-626-3624.

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