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Dr. Dimitri Tamalis,  Associate Professor of Chemistry. Department of Health and Natural Sciences. Ph: (305)-626-0267, Email: dtamalis@fmuniv.edu  

1. Hon,T, Tamalis, D, Zhu, Y, & Zhang, L et. al,, (1999). The Yeast Heme-responsive Transcriptional Activator Hap1 Is a Preexisting Dimer in the Absence of Heme. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 274(32), 22770-22774.

2. El-Shehawi, A, Tamalis,D, Elseehy, M & Muthukrishnan,S et.al..(2007).  Expression of orf 256, a wheat mitochondrial gene associated with cytoplasmic male sterility in Eschrichia coli.Arab J Biotech, 10(1)57-68

3. Hedgcoth,C, Tamalis, D, Elseehy,M, Clarkson, M & et.al.(2002). A chimeric open reading frame associated with cytoplasmic male sterility in alloplasmic wheat with Triticum timopheevi mitochondria is present in several Triticum and Aegilops species, barley, and rye. Current Genetics, 41(5)357-365

4. Landsberger, S., R.  Stiffin, M. Elliott, A. Huisso and D. Tamalis, “Implementation of an Undergraduate Radiochemistry Program at Florida Memorial University: An Educational Collaboration with the University of Texas at Austin”, Trans. ANS, 97, 911-912 (2007)

 5.    Tamalis, D., Landsberger, S., Biegalski, S., Sanders, V., Symister, C.,  and Stiffin, R. “Experience of a Collaborative Interaction in Nuclear Science and Engineering Between Florida Memorial University (HBCU) and the Nuclear and Radiation Engineering Program at the University of Texas”, Conference Proceedings of the 2009 American Society of Engineering Education, Austin, Texas, June, 2009, paper 1034, 1-9 (2009)

 6.    D. Tamalis, R. Stiffin, M. Elliott, A. Huisso, S. Biegalski, S. Landsberger. Establishment of an Undergraduate Research and Training Program in Radiochemistry at Florida Memorial University, a Historically Black College or University (HBCU). American Institute of Physics, Vol 1164, pp 40-44 (2009)

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