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On October 2nd 2010, Morisa V. Jagrup was crowned Miss Florida Memorial University 2010-2011. Native of the beautiful island of St. Croix United States Virgin Islands, Miss Morisa is the 7th child of eight siblings and became daughter to Mr. Meinrad and Mrs. Mary Jagrup on November 15th 1989. Morisa grew up in a Christian home where the love for God was respected and instilled by both parents. As a child, Morisa attended the Evelyn M. Williams Elementary School where her involvement and grooming as a student leader began. During her tenure at the Evelyn M. Williams Elementary School, Morisa joined the Beacon Program where students were taught skills in the area of arts, sports, and craft, and was also a member of the school’s chorale.

Morisa later attended the Arthur A. Richard’s Jr. High School in 2001 and immediately got involved as a student campus mentor in the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E) program; a program which gives children the life skills they need to avoid involvement with drugs, gangs, and violence. Morisa was also a member of “Quintessence modeling company” which taught young adults etiquette and self-respect. While giving her all to make an impact in her immediate community and her peers, Morisa maintained her grades and academic climb; graduating in the top percentile of her 2007 Class of St. Croix Educational Complex High School and also St. Croix Career and Technical Center with a certificate in Cosmetology.

As a student with aspirations of success, Morisa applied and was accepted at Lion Country, Florida Memorial University. Leaving her home in St. Croix she brought her passion for service to Florida Memorial University and quickly got involved in organizations such as the Caribbean and International Student Association, Virgin Island Students Association, First Lady’s Ladies and Student Government Association. Morisa is currently an honor student in the school of business and maintain the Dean’s list at Florida Memorial University. In an effort to inspire and represent her fellow students on a much broader scale, Morisa announced her candidacy for Ms. Florida Memorial University and on April 16th was elected Ms. Florida Memorial University 2010-2011.

Now senior and 20 years of age, Morisa is the Queen and official ambassador as of Florida Memorial University; dedicated to promoting, serving and leading her university family in the direction of progress and prosperity. Despite her climb, Morisa remains humble and true to her principles as a Christian; while being a superb role model, friend, student and a hardworking Queen. Her reign is complimented by her platform, “Illuminating the S.T.A.R.S within Us” with S.T.A.R.S representing Success, Talent, Achievement, Respect and Sincerity. Morisa hopes to make her reign an unforgettable milestone of service to her university family as she fulfill her role as Ms. Florida Memorial University 2010-2011 and Illuminate the stars within us.

“A dream becoming a reality, what more can one be thankful for”.

I am Morisa V. Jagrup, daughter of Mr. Meinrad and Mrs. Mary Jagrup. I am forever grateful to my parents for instilling within me character, God’s love, and molding me into such an outstanding young woman. Born and raised on America’s Paradise, the most elegant and adventurous islands known as the United States Virgin Islands, I am your queen. As your QUEEN, 20 years of age, senior honor student of the Business school at Florida Memorial University, I know that I am a result of hard work and dedication. I have the responsibility of promoting, serving and leading our university’s family. I have earned this honorary and distinguishable position as our University’s official Queen and ambassador and will uphold and cherish this position to the highest degree.

With a grateful heart, I am a member of various student organizations and I hold various leadership positions that have contributed to molding me into the individual that I am today. I would like to say Thank you to all organizations for your support and undying love, but especially to the ones that I am a part of: The Virgin Islands Student Association, the Caribbean and International Student Association, my fellow ladies of First Lady’s Ladies, and the Student Government Association. Thank you all for minimizing my home sick feelings. These organizations have permitted me to work with teams that promote school spirit, pride, professionalism and community awareness.

During my reign, I plan to continue my legacy of excellence by working with faculty, staff, students and especially our community in building and maintaining foundations that encourage participation of Florida Memorial University in various aspects. With God’s Help, I will be a superb role model, friend, student and Queen of value who kneels in humility to return thanks and praise to our Heavenly Father. Living by the motto “Never have I seen the righteous forsaken, Trust in the Lord at all times”, I have learned to put God first and trust him in making the absolute best outcome of every situation.

My platform states: Illuminate the S.T.A.R.S in Us, with the acronym STARS representing the Success, Talent, Achievement, Respect and Similitude of the potential we embody. Promoting and supporting the Breast Cancer awareness society is a condition that I am very passionate about and is also one of the reasons I have chosen our Coronation colors to be as close to the society’s colors as possible. I believe in God’s healing!

Being spiritually grounded, I endeavor on increasing that warm Godly presence onto our campus that I felt entering as a freshman. This will contribute in ceasing the violence and enrich the love towards each other in harmony. Thank you again and please know my great gratitude goes to God for giving me the victory as well as to the student body for electing me to represent, serve and become your official Queen and ambassador.

THANK YOU MOMMY, DADDY, SISTERS, BROTHERS, ALL FAMILY, FRIENDS and WELL WISHERS! To my ROYAL COURT and personal assistants, I love you all dearly; with God we will accomplish the impossible because we are POSSIBLE!!

Merci Beaucoup to YOU all who came out to “Celebrate the Night of Royalty”. My FMU family may God continue to shine his blessings, love and mercy upon us as we have one goal to succeed in leaving behind a “Legacy of Excellence”! REMEMBER, GOD IS GREATER

Royally yours,
Mademoiselle Morisa V. Jagrup