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Student Computer Laboratories

Use of Student Computer Laboratories (PN0016)
(Approved in Cabinet June 12, 2001)

General Guidelines for Conduct in the Student Computer Laboratories

The student computer laboratories at Florida Memorial University are used by academic departments for teaching and by students for their course work and research. In order to provide students with equitable access to campus computing resources and to insure that the areas provided maintain an atmosphere that is suitable for academic work the following policies and procedures have been adopted and implemented.

a) Enforcement of Lab Policy

The Laboratory Supervisor with the assistance of Student Lab Assistants is primarily responsible for enforcing the University’s Computer Laboratory Policy and Procedures. However, faculty and staff are expected to assist in this effort.

b) Who May Use the Laboratories

The University computer laboratories are for use by currently enrolled Florida Memorial University students, faculty and staff members only.

c) Sign-In and Sign-Out

In order to maintain records of computer usage, users are required to sign in and out. Users must sign in to the lab by entering their name, classification and starting time on a sign-in sheet. After completion of use, users are required to document completion time.

d) Staff Lab Assistants

The Student Laboratory Assistants will endeavor to provide basic help services to clients. Basic assistance covers basic operations such as locating applications, starting and exiting applications, saving your work to floppy disks, and printing. Troubleshooting software and hardware problems is the responsibility of the IMT technical staff. Basic assistance does not include basic instruction on personal computer software applications.

Activities prohibited in the Student Computer Laboratories

1.Food, Beverages and Tobacco – No eating, drinking or use of tobacco products is allowed.

2.Accessing Pornography, Profane or Other Obscene Material -Downloading or viewing such material is not allowed.

3.Playing Music and Accessing Other Forms of Entertainment – Listening to music and accessing other forms of entertainment over the Internet is prohibited.

4.Playing Games – Game playing is not allowed.

5.Printing Large Files – Printing large files not related to classroom assignments is prohibited.

6.Noise in Labs – The University computer laboratories are study areas and users are asked to respect other users by keeping noise levels to a minimum. Loud conversations and discussion groups should be kept to a minimum while in the laboratory. Audio CDs or applications with audio output may only be used with headsets.

7.Laboratory Telephones – There are telephones in labs 203 and 210 of the Lehman Building for emergency use only. The telephones can be used to place only local calls. The use of the lab phones for personal conversations is prohibited.

8.Copying Software and Manuals – Software license agreements and copyright laws will be strictly enforced in the University computer labs. Unauthorized copying of licensed software from the lab hard disks or file servers is a violation of federal copyright laws. Violators of this policy will lose their rights to use all University computing resources.

9.Saving Files on Computer Hard Drives – Data files created in the lab should be saved directly on individual user-supplied floppy diskettes, not on the computer hard drive. The lab computer hard disks are checked on a regular basis and user files are deleted. Floppy diskettes can be purchased from the bookstore.

10.Changing Hardware and Software Configurations – Changing hardware and software configurations in the labs is prohibited. This includes modification of the settings, configurations of printers and modification of system software. Violators of this policy will be referred to the Laboratory Supervisor for appropriate action, which may include the loss of privilege to use the University computer labs.

11.Laboratory Printer Supplies – Information Management and Technology is responsible for providing sufficient supplies for the computer labs.

Reserving Laboratories – Computer labs can be reserved by Florida Memorial University faculty and staff for special projects, presentations and seminars. Requests should be made to the Laboratory Supervisor at least seven (7) business days in advance. Supplementary audio/visual equipment must be reserved by the requesting individual from Collier Library.