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Networks And Systems

Networks And Systems
Department Responsibilities (PN0020)

(Approved in Cabinet June 12, 2001)

IMT provides various services to the Florida Memorial University community with respect to networks. These services include coordination of campus optical fiber cable plant installation, operation and maintenance of high-performance computer network equipment and computer network planning and design.

The Office of Information Management and Technology bears the primary responsibility for the confidentiality, integrity, security, reliability and availability of the administrative information it maintains on behalf of Florida Memorial University. This responsibility extends to the various means of accessing information, including computer networks.

The campus backbone network uses a multimode fiber Ethernet backbone that currently traverses the William Lehman Aviation Building, the James Weldon and J. Rosmand Johnson Fine Arts Building, the M. Athalie Range Science Building, the Sara A. Blocker Hall and the Nathan W. Collier Library. The network is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

A majority of rooms including classrooms, offices, laboratories, study areas, and conference rooms have network connections in thirteen buildings on the Florida Memorial University campus. To determine if a building or room is connected to the Florida Memorial University network, please call the IMT Helpdesk at 626-3191.

The campus has been wired with category 5 cable. Category 5 is suitable for 100 MBPS and greater data rates and should enable the University to scale up to higher speed networking without having to upgrade wiring infrastructures as the demand dictates and funding becomes available. The category 5 cable is connected to Ethernet concentrators and/or switches within each building.