Network Access

Network Access – Connection (PN0024)
(Approved in Cabinet June 12, 2001)

Requests for connection(s) to the Florida Memorial University’s network should be submitted on a Service Request form that may be faxed to 305-623-4233, hand delivered to the Helpdesk or e-mailed to

The following information is required:

a. If the department currently has their equipment, state type of equipment and quantity to be connected. If equipment has not yet been purchased, state the number of connections desired.

b. Location at which equipment is to be installed.

c. Name and telephone number of contact person.

d. Desired installation date.

e. Authorized department signature.

A representative of the IMT staff will prepare a cost estimate for the specific equipment required to meet the needs of the department and will consult with the department, as required, to facilitate the connection.

Departments requesting connection to the Florida Memorial University network should notify IMT as soon as the need is identified as there may be delays caused by equipment availability and/or site preparation. There may also be certain limitations due to current network configurations. Early notification allows IMT to plan for and overcome these problems.