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Course Related Software Policy

Course Related Software Policy (PN0011)
Effective Date: 8/1/02
(Approved by the Board of Trustees – 7/26/02)


All course related software acquired (with or without text books) by or on behalf of Florida Memorial University (wherever used) and all software (collectively, “SOFTWARE”) installed on Florida Memorial University Resources (“RESOURCES” means Florida Memorial University computers, computer systems, networks, facilities, equipment, software, files, documentation, accounts and information associated with any of the above) may only be used in compliance with applicable vendor licenses (including “shrink-wrap”) and purchase agreements.

Any User who violates the Course Related Software Policy will be subject to disciplinary procedures of Florida Memorial University under the relevant policies and rules for faculty, staff, administration and students. Disciplinary action may include suspension or termination of employment. Noncompliance with provisions of the Course Related Software Policy may also constitute violation of federal and/or state law. Penalties under such laws include fines, orders of restitution, and/or imprisonment.


Step 1) Each User is individually responsible for reading, understanding and adhering to all licenses, notices and agreements in connection with SOFTWARE which he or she acquires, copies, transmits, or uses in connection with Florida Memorial University courses.

Step 2)Each user must procure and submit proof in writing to the VP of Information Management and Technology of both purchase and license at the time installation is requested. Unless otherwise provided in the applicable license or contract document, any other use or duplication of copyrighted software, except for backup and archival purposes, may be a violation of federal and state law. In addition, unauthorized duplication or multiple use of software is a violation of the Florida Memorial University Computer Usage Policy.

Step 3)Installing Software

Students, faculty and staff are not permitted to install any software on University RESOURCES. Faculty requiring software to be installed in a classroom or computer laboratory must submit a request to the Division of Information Management and Technology (IMT) at least two (2) weeks prior to expected use. Scheduling of installation should be initiated by telephoning the IMT Helpdesk at Extension 3191 and requesting service.

Prior to requesting software installations, the requesting party is required to have in writing, a license consent agreement from the publisher. If the license agreement specifically forbids distribution on public PCs, the product will not be installed.

In general, student requests for installation will not be honored. If the software is from a student textbook copy, the student’s faculty or staff member must initiate the request and demonstrate that the software is a “required book” for the course. If the software accompanies an optional book from a course, IMT will still require written permission from the publisher and the class instructor.

For cases in which software has been installed for classes and training purposes during prior semesters, class instructors should check several days in advance before re-scheduling additional classes to ensure that the software is still installed and has remained installed and configured as expected.

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