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Computer Access Policy

Computer Access Policy (PN00013)
(Approved in Cabinet June 12, 2001)

This policy governs the access to computer records, computer based networks and related equipment by the staff and faculty of Florida Memorial University.

Due to the nature of the College’s electronic databases, security is important. The intent of this policy is to allow maximum freedom of use consistent with state and federal laws, Florida Memorial University technology policy and a productive work environment.

Individuals may use Florida Memorial University computer facilities and equipment only with the express consent of the College administration.

Authorized users of Florida Memorial University computers include faculty, staff and students of the College. The type of databases and services that are available for access include:

  • COCO Student Administration Information System
  • Admission (College)
  • Registration (College)
  • Students Accounts (SOARS)
  • Financial Aid (SAFERS)
  • Financial Accounting (OFAS)
  • Budgeting (OFAS)
  • Housing (Regents)
  • Facilities (Regents)
  • Alumni Development (DART)
  • Capital Asset Management System (CAMS)
  • Bookstore Inventory and Point-of-Sales (Riverview)
  • Omni One Card System
  • ID Image System
  • Capital Management System (CMS)
  • Library Galaxy System
  • E-Mail and Internet Access
  • a) ID’s and Passwords
    To access any of these systems you must obtain a valid user login ID and password. The end-user password must contain a minimum length of five (5) characters. It also must contain mixed alpha/numeric characters (i. e. sum16, 97tlc, acu09, 456ls).

    The employee must complete a Service Request Form (SR) and must obtain a signature from his/her supervisor requesting access to particular system(s). The signed form must be returned to IMT. Information Management and Technology will provide proper authorization within two working days. Depending upon circumstances, IMT will process the request in one day. Upon completion of the process the employee will be notified by e-mail. The computer request form will be filed in the IMT administrative offices.

    If access to particular database or system is denied, the Director of Administrative Computing and Network Services will contact the employee immediately.

    b) Access Authorization
    For access to financial information, the Vice President of Business and Fiscal Affairs provides the Office Information Management and Technology with written authorization. The Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost through the College Registrar provides the Office of Information Management and Technology written authorization to student records.

    c) Authorized Administrators

    Admission (College) Director of Admissions
    Registration (College) Registrar
    Bursar (College, OFAS) Controller
    Financial Accounting (OFAS) Controller
    Capital Asset Controller
    Financial Aid (SAFERS) Director of Financial Aid
    Budgeting (OFAS) Director of Budgeting, Financial Analysis and Cash Management
    Student Accounts (SOARS) Director of Budgeting, Financial Analysis and Cash Management
    Housing (Regents) Director of Residential Life
    Facilities (Regents) Director of Facilities and Plant Management
    Alumni Development (DART) Director of Alumni Affairs
    Capital Management System (CMS) Campaign Coordinator
    Bookstore Inventory and Point-of-Sale (Riverview) Director of Auxiliary Services
    Omni One Card System Bursar
    ID Image System Duplication Manager
    Library Galaxy System Director of Library