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Hardware and Software Selection

Hardware and Software Selection Assistance (PN0023)
(Approved in Cabinet June)

IMT services include assisting departments with the selection and implementation of office systems technology. Requests to IMT for services require completion of a Service Request form (SR) forwarded to IMT via fax 305-623-4233, hand delivered or e-mail to the

A representative of the IMT staff will assist in the evaluation and selection of available alternatives. A written recommendation, cost estimate and installation plan will be developed to meet the requesting department’s needs.

Once the requested hardware or software arrives, a representative of the IMT staff will assist in the physical installation specifications, prepare the installation site pertaining to the work request, and install the hardware and software (outside technical assistance may be required to complete the installation).

Departments requesting office systems services should notify IMT as soon as the need is identified as there may be delays caused by equipment availability and/or site preparation. There may also be certain limitations due to current network configurations. Early notification allows IMT to plan for and overcome these problems.

The Vice President for Information Management and Technology in conjunction with the Director of Academic Computing and the Director of Administrative Computing and Network Services will examines computer hardware and software needs on an annual basis. Departments should make known their needs at this time. Recommendations for funding departmental computer requests will be discussed with the appropriate vice president prior to approval.