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Student Support Services

Program Overview

Student Support Services is a federally funded program designed to help students adjust to the challenges of academic life and successfully graduate from college. Student Support Services is staffed with friendly professional counselors, supplemented by student interns and tutors who have met high academic standards. The program helps over 207 students annually through the provision of tutoring, mentoring, cultural activities and programs, and individual and group counseling.

Pre-Qualification Criteria:

Must be a United States citizen or permanent resident (must show permanent resident card when submitting the application).

The custodial parent(s) or guardian(s) did not graduate from a four year college or university.

The total family income after taxes does not exceed $33,075 (for a family of four).

Must need assistance or foresee requiring help in one or more classes.

Must submit official billing statement showing the “Cleared Business Office” stamp and official class schedule.

Submit FaceBook profile name for future contact and program access.

October 29: Priority application deadline

After October 29: Admissions still open on space available basis

Some of the Services Offered:

Peer Tutoring
Individualized peer tutoring is offered to students who are experiencing difficulty in one or more subjects. Students who are tutored are required to receive a minimum of two hours of services per course, per week, per semester. Contact Mrs. Green at 305-626-3722 or by

Peer Mentoring
“Student Helping Students” peer mentors are successful juniors and seniors who help incoming and returning freshman adapt to college life through guidance and participation in campus and off campus teambuilding activities and events. Contact Mrs. Boone at 305-626-3712 or by email:

Our cultural activities include trips to dramatic performances (plays, musicals) museums, nature and cultural tours, fairs, as well as sponsoring events such as Kwanzaa and the Olympics.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Please contact 305-626-3721 or visit the office which is located in the Student Services Building directly across from the Financial Aid Office.