Health Services

The Health Insurance policy is a Supplemental Insurance. It pays after the Primary insurance pays. Students without any other insurance may use this policy as primary insurance but will be financially responsible for services rendered in excess of the college coverage. All full-time enrolled students are covered under the medical insurance policy, beginning on the day of enrollment.

International Students who have medical coverage in their country should enroll with a primary care provider who accepts the policy in this local area or you may purchase temporary coverage.

Note: Students with pre-existing medical problems should report to the clinic for registration and guidance

Keep your insurance card with you at all times.

Student Responsibility

Report illnesses to the Health Center or the nearest hospital Emergency Room when not at school. Keep your insurance card with you at all times. Complete the necessary claim form properly. Mail the form to the insurance company within ninety (90) days. Phone: 1-800-893-7242. Failure to comply will not be the responsibility of the clinic.

Health Ticket (Student Insurance Information and Provider Listing)