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Housing Confirmation and Commitment for Current Enrollees

Policy: Current enrollees who desire to reside in on-campus housing or off-campus College sponsored housing must complete their Financial Aid application to support their continued matriculation, must pre-register for the next term, and must clear the Business Office in order to retain their housing space for the next term. Failure to meet any one of the criteria will negate the university’s commitment to assign housing for the next term.

Procedures: To confirm housing for the next term, matriculating residential students must follow the procedures below:

1.Coordinate with Financial Aid to ensure that a current and complete Financial Aid application is on file to facilitate the issuance of a Tentative Award Letter.

2.Complete pre-registration for the next term during the announced pre-registration period.

3.Following pre-registration, coordinate with the Business Office to satisfy any outstanding financial obligations to the University either by paying off the balance or by arranging a payment plan to defray the outstanding balance.

4.Remit Housing Deposit by the last day of the announced pre-registration period.

5.Provide Office of Residential Life proof of pre-registration and Business Office Clearance in order to validate your housing assignment.

6.Confirm housing assignment no later than the first day of registration. If housing is not confirmed by the end of the first day of registration for the new term, the space will become available for re-assignment to another student.

7.Should a matriculating housing student fail to comply with these procedures and lose his or her housing privilege, he or she will not be given any special consideration or priority for housing. Once all criteria have been satisfied, a matriculating housing student can be placed on the housing waiting list and can be assigned housing as space become available.