How We Help


If you’ve ever sat down and talked to a friend about a problem…you’ve experienced an aspect of counseling. Professional counseling provides an objective, confidential, and nonjudgmental quality of listening. It offers expertise in getting at the core issues of problems, generating solutions, assisting self-exploration, and evaluation of present coping methods. Counseling helps you to learn new skills that can enable you to solve problems on your own.


The Counselor will work together with the individual to address personal, emotional distress and self-defeating behaviors. During the first sessions you will be asked to describe the concerns so that the counselor can gain an understanding of you and the problem. As the sessions continue a partnership will develop, and the work of clarifying issues and planning for change will occur. Most often individuals can meet their goals with only short-term counseling; meeting weekly for about an hour. These discussions intend to enable individuals to make better choices, find relief from disturbing emotions and behaviors, to maintain relationships that are more satisfying and improve overall university and work performance.


Often individuals who could benefit most from counseling either don’t realize it or won’t admit it to themselves. They come to counseling because a friend, professor, or loved one cared enough to urge or refer them for the help. Do you know someone who could benefit from counseling? If so, ask them to call us at (305) 626-3138 or simply walk in. Tell them that you want them to contact us because you care.