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Campus Ministry

Our worship services are both traditional and non-traditional. They include spiritual hymns, praise & worship, and choruses. The worship service is help every Sunday at 11:00am until 1:30pm in the chapel of the Religious Center. The service is mostly moderated by our Campus Minister or other ministers designated.

The format of our worship service includes:
Sunday School @ 11:00am
Intercessory Prayer @ 11:45am
Worship Service @ 12pm

We always encourage our students and visitors to let go and let the Lord have his way.

The worship services are also very diversified from Sunday to Sunday. Many of the clubs / organizations on campus usually commence their week of activities with a worship service in the chapel. This allows the student body to become familiar with the different ways of worship and to hear from various ministers of the clergy. Therefore, we extend an invitation to those far and wide to come and worship with us on any Sunday that may be convenient for you, and help us lift up the name of Jesus.