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Kiah L. GrahamAs the owner and operator of Sirius Web Solutions, FAMU alumna K.L. Graham has helped business owners around the nation find success through consulting, training and educational forums. Today, Graham is working to help business owners and professionals succeed on another level by documenting her more than 15 years of experience as a business owner and IT expert in her book “E-Business Success: Using Technology to Take Your Business to the Next Level.”

In the book, dubbed a “road-map to success” by small business expert Andrew Morrison, Graham provides advice on an array of subjects, including: website
development, e-marketing, e-commerce solutions, customer relationship management, social networking, search engine optimization, creating a home office,
operating in a paperless work environment, streamlining business processes and using mobile applications.

“Your e-business is not going to work itself; you have to make it work for you,” writes Graham in the book’s introduction. “It’s not just about creating an effectual website, but it is also about what you are going to do when you achieve the desired traffic for your business.”

In the book, Graham also provides business owners with step-by-step basics and real-world examples for maneuvering through the ever-changing world of
information technology.

According to Graham, “E-Business Success” also provides instruction on building a website on a shoestring-budget, how to make your website “sticky,” and how to win a potential customer’s attention in just three clicks of a mouse.

Graham is a 1995 Computer Information Science graduate and former member of the Marching ‘100.’ She credits much of her personal mission of ensuring business owners are equipped with the knowledge and tools they need to achieve online business success to the training she received at FAMU.

E-business Success book cover“FAMU instilled in me the importance of sharing the knowledge you gain from your professional and academic experiences. So many who came before me reached back and planted seeds of success in my life and I am compelled to do the same,” Graham said. “That is the purpose of ‘E-Business Success,’ to extend the knowledge I have attained to others who share the desire to succeed or at a minimum provide them with the basic steps needed to get to the next level of business success.”

Graham resides in Miami and is a native of Charleston, S.C. She received a webmaster’s certification in 2003 from Florida State University.

Her book is available at and on

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