ESE Instructional Strategies Summer Institute
Florida Memorial University is pleased to offer a 1-credit course on Instructional and Behavior Strategies for Students with Disabilities for teachers and school personnel interested in meeting the Senate Bill 1108 requirement for educator certification renewal. This intensive one-credit course is designed for school personnel to complete the course in 3-half day sessions at our beautiful campus located at 15800 NW 42nd AVE, Miami Gardens, FL 33054. June 13-15, 2017 from 9:00am to 1:00pm. Price: $125.00 ESE 510: Instructional and Behavioral Strategies for Students with Disabilities This course is focused on instructional strategies that are effective and research-based to address learning and behavioral needs of students with disabilities. Current topics in special education regarding legislation, implementation of individualized educational plans, data based management, specialized approaches to teaching basic skills and adaptation of curriculum will be provided. The course will include reviewing and evaluating various materials through State resources and National technical centers for instructional and managerial practices to effectively evaluate student progress. Candidates will learn how to include diverse students for the K-12 general education classroom. By clicking on the “checkout” button, you are agreeing to pay for this course offered on the dates listed. No refunds will be offered as space for the event is limited. The registration cannot be transferred to another individual in the event that a conflict arises for the applicant. Additionally, there will be no make-up days and all three days must be attended in order to be eligible for a passing grade. The course attendance policy is listed below:Attendance Policy:

Students are expected to attend all class sessions and be on time. Class attendance is the responsibility of the student and is mandatory. It is expected that students will attend all class meetings unless extraordinary circumstances dictate otherwise. If you are absent more than 3 hours, you’ll be asked to RETAKE the class at your expense. It is also the student’s responsibility to request all make-up assignments and tests and for learning information provided during class. All excused absences require documentation from a physician, funeral director, or mechanic in the case of illness, death of a relative, or car problems that leave you stranded out of town.

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