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The mission of Business and Fiscal Affairs is to maintain sound fiscal and administrative management practices to support the university in its endeavor to prepare students to function effectively in a highly competitive technological global society.

Business and Fiscal Affairs is composed of six units: Controller, Human Resources, Budgeting, Cash Management, and Financial Analysis, Facilities Management and Plant Operations, Administrative Support Services, and Auxiliary Services.

Directors of each unit are responsible for taking a pro-active approach in managing their respective unit. This approach includes: providing leadership, direction, and guidance to support staff; creating and maintaining an open line of communication with all parties and holding staff accountable for their job performances. This approach also includes using current reporting tools and other technologies to automate and streamline operations and increase productivity. Business and Fiscal Affairs strives to improve the quality of life, services and relations to students, faculty and staff by continually providing, and upgrading when necessary, services, training and staff development opportunities.

The primary goal of Business and Fiscal Affairs is to manage and safeguard the university’s assets and provide accurate and timely information to management and external entities to make informed decisions. Additionally, it is responsible for ensuring that all facets of business and fiscal affairs of the university meet federal, state, and local guidelines and regulations.