Welcome back faculty and students!

As you return to campus, we are looking forward to your having a productive, innovative, and student-focused year at Florida Memorial University. For our incoming students, this is an exciting and challenging time. We want you to employ the many opportunities to obtain specialized academic knowledge, pursue emotional development, to follow your morale compass, so that you leave FMU with a professional job in your area of study.

Through the leadership of our stellar faculty, you will be challenged to be your best self academically and to seek ways to stay engaged in the University community through participating in academic organizations, the Chorale choir, student government, Greek organizations, work study, and a range of internship opportunities.

As a student, your responsibility is to take this investment in your education seriously and proactively seek to graduate in four years by working with your advisers and by utilizing our tutoring and health resources. Additionally, your responsibility is live up to the legacy of the many FMU graduates who have demonstrated the value of a FMU education.

I applaud the faculty for their expertise, and Vice Presidents and other administrators for their daily commitment in designing an exemplary teaching and learning environment.

Michelle Howard-Vital, Ph.D.
Interim President