Florida Memorial University President Dr. Roslyn Clark Artis and FMU music program soloist also participate.

Aviation Department Black History Month Luncheon

At left, Garth Reeves, Sr., FMU President Dr. Roslyn Clark Artis and MDAD Director Emilio T. González. At right, Reeves speaks about his efforts to bring about social change.

(MIAMI, March 3, 2014) – The Miami-Dade Aviation Department (MDAD) ended Black History Month on a high note last Friday with an employee luncheon featuring guest speaker Garth Reeves, Sr., the longtime community activist and publisher emeritus of The Miami Times. Florida Memorial University (FMU) President Dr. Roslyn Clark Artis also gave remarks, while a soloist from FMU’s Department of Visual & Performing Arts provided a live musical performance. The event capped a month-long celebration of African Americans’ historic and ongoing contributions to the nation.

Throughout the month of February, MDAD’s Black History Month Planning Committee shared historic perspectives on the Civil Rights Movement with the department’s 1,200 employees. Guest speaker Garth Reeves, Sr. was an integral part of the movement locally, using his family’s newspaper to advocate for social change. Among other accomplishments, his efforts helped to desegregate Miami’s beaches and golf courses, and The Miami Times newspaper stands today as the oldest African-American newspaper in the southeastern United States.

“Diversity is a hallmark of our community and our airport family, as well,” said Miami-Dade Aviation Director Emilio T. González. “We’re proud to celebrate the significant contributions that African Americans have made nationally and locally, and we are honored to have heard from Mr. Reeves, who has long been a pillar of the local African American community.”

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