Margaret Porter-Hall, National Alumni Association President

Margaret Porter-HallDear Fellow Alumni:

I bring you greetings on behalf of the Florida Memorial University National Alumni Association (FMUNAA) Executive Board!

The question has been asked, “Why should we care?” We care because we (1) represent students attending Florida Memorial University (FMU); (2) FMU is our alma mater and the students we are charged with assisting are looking to us for guidance; (3) we have a responsibility to lend guidance and support to future FMU Alumni. For these and other reasons we are reaching out to you.

There are thousands of FMU graduates and as a graduate of Florida Memorial University we are calling upon you to get involved with your Alumni Association.

FMU National Alumni Association logoBecome a part of the FMUNAA family and join the Association that helps support students. Join FMUNAA and stay connected to FMU with all the opportunities and benefits the alumni association has to offer.

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