Transfer Requirements

  1. Submit $25.00 money order / cashier’s check with application (fee is nonrefundable)
  2. Forward a copy of all college transcripts to Admissions office
  3. Submit one (1) letter of Recommendation
  4. Submit a Personal Statement. Include your goals, extracurricular activities and any other pertinent information.

Students transferring to Florida Memorial University from another college or university are admitted on the basis of credits and grade point earned in course work at the collegiate level.

Grade Point Average 
Transfer students must have earned a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 in collegiate course work

Transfer Students from Community Colleges 
Transfer applicants who possess the Associate of Arts (AA) degree from regionally accredited community or junior colleges will be accepted as juniors, with the understanding that some pre-requisite work may be required to fulfill degree requirements in their major at Florida Memorial University. Course work for students who enroll without the AA degree will be evaluated on a course-by-course basis.

Transfer Credits
Only courses passed with a “C” or better, which represent collegiate-level course work, and are equivalent to courses offered at Florida Memorial University will be accepted. Transfer credits are evaluated after receipt of official transcripts. A maximum of ninety-four (94) credits are transferable from another institution. Additionally, a transfer student must complete a minimum of thirty-four (34) semester hours of course work residence to receive a degree from Florida Memorial University.