The University Scholarship Program consists of the following award categories:

I. Academic Scholarships

Florida Memorial University awards first-time freshman scholarships based upon un-weighted cumulative high school grade point average. First-time freshmen are defined at Florida Memorial University as students who have never attended another college or university. Students who have attended another institution(s) during the summer immediately after high school graduation are also considered to be beginning freshmen. Likewise, high school students who have taken dual-enrollment college classes during high school are also considered to be new freshmen. The ACT/SAT are used for college placement purposes only. Freshman scholarships are four-year (eight consecutive semester), renewable scholarships requiring full-time enrollment (12-18 credit hours) and maintenance of entrance scholarship award grade point average. All scholarships awarded are annualized and disbursed during the fall and spring semesters. Florida Memorial University does not award academic scholarships during the summer semester.

  • Full-Tuition Scholarships:
    Awarded to students with an un-weighted grade point average of 3.6-4.0, the awardee will receive a full-tuition scholarship $12,384.00 per year ($6,192.00 per semester fall/spring)
  • Partial-Tuition Scholarships:
    Awarded to students with an un-weighted grade point average of 3.4-3.59, the awardee will receive $3,000.00 per year ($1,500.00 per semester fall/spring).
  • Presidential Scholarships:
    Awarded to students with an un-weighted 4.0 grade point average and/or the Valedictorian of their respective high school, the awardee will receive full-tuition, room* and board.
    * The housing portion of the scholarship will be based on the current rates for traditional housing in Goode or Robinson Hall. A recipient may choose to pay the difference to upgrade housing to a room in Buildings 2, 3 or 4. In the event that an awardee declines his/her housing portion of the full scholarship award, the housing award portion will be eliminated from the award for the academic year.
  • Scholarship Renewals:
    Florida Memorial University’s academic scholarships are awarded for a total of eight consecutive semesters of eligibility, fall and spring, toward completion of your first undergraduate degree. The award is renewable at the end of the spring semester if the grade point average for the scholarships awarded is maintained. For example if a student is awarded a full-tuition scholarship, the student must have a 3.4 or higher grade point average at the end of the spring semester.

II. Incentive Scholarships

  • Recognize and reward students involved with the S.G.A., Student Newspaper and Yearbook, and Institutional Work study.
  • Awards are based on contractual or budgeting arrangements as stipulated by the institution.

III. Cultural Scholarships

  • Recognize and reward students with special talents in Music (Vocal and Instrumental).
  • Eligible participants involved with the Ambassador Chorale can receive up to $1,000.00 per year.
  • Eligible participants involved with the Band can be award up to the annual tuition cost per year (books included) after all financial aid funds are awarded.

IV. Designated Scholarships

  • Are externally funded and vary in eligibility (e.g., individual, academic, geographic) stipulations.
  • The University Respects and adheres to whatever condition are established by the donor. The institution does not affect the monetary award of designated scholarships.