» Cost of Attendance 2013-2014

The cost per credit hour below 12 credit hours and above 15 credit hours is $516.00 for Undergraduate Students.

The cost per credit hour for all Graduate Students is $683.13.

» Description and Explanation of General Fees

LATE REGISTRATION: A late registration fee of $250.00 will be charged to each student who fails to register during the regular registration period as outlined in the University catalog and registration schedule.

PRE-REGISTRATION: All currently enrolled students who do not pre-register during the pre-registration period for the next semester will be assessed a $50 fee during regular registration.

PAYMENT OF REGISTRATION CHARGES: All charges (tuition, fees, room and board) are due at the time of registration. We accept payments in the form of cash, money order, cashier’s check, certified check, VISA, Mastercard and wire transfer. PERSONAL CHECKS ARE NOT ACCEPTED. An Official Financial Aid Award Letter is accepted as a source of payment. A Tentative Financial Aid Award Letter is not accepted. Financial Aid sources that are classified as “pending” or “applied for” will not be accepted. Tuition Payment Plans are available to students each semester. Students are required to make monthly payments promptly without notice. Failure to make the required payments as agreed will result in a late fee assessment of $25 for each late payment. See the Students Accounts Office for details.

ROOM RESERVATION: All first-time students desiring on-campus housing are required to pay a non-refundable room reservation fee of $250 each semester prior to arriving on campus. A $50 refundable damage key deposit is also required of all residential students. To summarize, a total payment of $300 must be made to reserve a room on campus. All returning students desiring on-campus housing are required to pay, each year, a non-refundable room reservation fee of $200 prior to arriving on campus provided no damage key deposit refund has been received. If a damage key deposit refund was received the student is required to pay $250. All students are required to submit their room reservation fees directly to the Bursar, by the deadline date, to reserve a room.

A room reservation fee payment does not guarantee a room on campus unless the student has cleared the Business Office. Clearing the Business Office means that the student has paid all of his/her charges for tuition, fees, room and board, using the following sources: financial aid, outside loan sources, cash, money order, credit card, cashier’s check or wire transfer. Returning students will not receive a room key or be permitted to enter the residence halls until they have cleared the Business Office. Students from out of the area, out of state, and international locations, please be aware of this procedure. Students who are unable to clear the Business Office during the registration period are required to provide for their own lodging and meals. There will be no exceptions to this procedure.

OUTSTANDING ACCOUNT BALANCES: All students with outstanding balances owed to the University MUST make satisfactory payment arrangements (cash, money order, credit card, cashier’s check or wire transfer) with the Business Office to cover their full outstanding balances (previous and current) prior to the end of registration. Students with outstanding balances are not permitted to attend classes. Students who fail to comply will have their classes cancelled for non-payment.

We value your choice of matriculation at Florida Memorial University and we look forward to your continuous enrollment and future graduation. Enjoy your summer vacation.

The University reserves the right to change without notice its tuition, fees, room, board, service charges, rules and regulations at the beginning of any semester and during the year, should conditions so warrant.