The Finance Club is designed to expose students to a broad range of activities in order for them to gain first-hand knowledge of financial institutions, events, and issues. Students involved in this organization have the opportunity to participate in projects concerning the local economy, visit organizations such as Federal Reserve Banks and brokerage firms, and get involved in community humanitarian efforts.


In keeping with the mission of Florida Memorial University and the School of Business Administration, to inculcate in its members the importance of life-long learning and a commitment to leadership, to prepare students to function effectively in a highly competitive technological global society, and specifically to develop an appreciation for the opportunities available through the understanding of finance.


All students in good standing at Florida Memorial University can be members of the CLUB. Active members have the privilege of voice and vote by attendance or proxy and are entitled to participate in the activities of the CLUB. To maintain active status a member must:

a) pay all debts to the CLUB,

b) be represented at the annual meeting., and

c) fulfill any additional requirements set forth in
subsequent By-Laws.

Inactive Membership

Inactive members have the privilege of voice and may participate in the activities of the CLUB, subject to approval of the active membership. Inactive membership may be conferred upon an active member as specified in subsequent By- Laws.

Affiliate Members

Affiliate members are any natural persons or organizations that wish to align themselves with the purposes of the CLUB. Affiliate members have the privilege of voice, at the President’s discretion, but shall not vote or have representation on the Executive Committee.