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Bachelor degrees in Music

The Bachelor of Music and the Bachelor of Arts degrees in Music are offered through the Department of Visual and Performing Arts. The Bachelor of Science degree is offered in Music Education in conjunction with the School of Education. The Music area also offers a minor in Music.

The Bachelor of Music is the initial professional degree in Music. It is offered in Church Music and Jazz Studies. These programs are designed to place qualified individuals in the profession of music as performers or directors. The curriculum provides for the cultivation of requisite skills, the acquisition of professional knowledge, and the development of aesthetic appreciation with opportunities for research and internships with professional organizations and businesses which will prepare them for numerous employment opportunities and graduate studies.

The Bachelor of Arts degree is a liberal arts degree with a major in music. Students are exposed to a broad program of general education and are allowed to incorporate eighteen elective credits in an area of their choice. This allows students to prepare for graduate studies in or entry into areas such as Music Therapy, Music Business, Technology, and Law. Emphasis is placed upon development of musicianship, performing ability and overall student growth.

Music degree students are required to audition before the music faculty to demonstrate the extent of their music proficiency for placement and potential scholarships. Music scholarship students are required to participate in performances by their ensembles in order to maintain this financial assistance. Applicants entering with extensive musical training, knowledge, and experience will have the opportunity to test out of some of the first and second year music courses. Majors are required to be enrolled in applied instruction on a primary instrument or voice unless an exception is granted by the faculty. Additionally, each student must prepare at least one selection per semester for student recitals or forums. All music majors are required to pass the Piano Proficiency Examination. Students not majoring in keyboard may prepare for this examination by taking the necessary courses in class piano or by testing out at any time.

Students with an interest in Music Business or research may, in lieu of a senior recital, present a significant related project approved by the faculty. Majors must participate in at least one performing ensemble each semester of their enrollment. These ensembles serve as laboratories for the development of musical skills, knowledge and exposure to method, technique and principles of wellness. This requirement helps students become practiced in actual performance with the best literature in their ensemble medium. Students interested in teaching music should consult the curriculum for Music Education offered in conjunction with the School of Education or pursue certification by taking a minor in education. However, since some graduates might want to teach in addition to performing in their chosen profession, they are advised to complete the minimum courses in education that are required for certification.

Mission of the Music Program

The Music Program is designed to assist the University in its mission of dedication to the pursuit of knowledge and truth, free exchange of ideas and the preservation of the history and heritage of music of the African Diaspora. The Music Program accommodates the music needs of the community by preparing students to teach in the educational systems, direct music programs for churches, and other organizations, direct musical ensembles, conduct, arrange, and orchestrate music for bands, choirs, film, and television; perform all types of music; and enroll in graduate programs in music. The Program is also designed to provide students with opportunities to represent the University by participating in activities on campus, in the community, and for the state, national and international audiences.

Objectives of the Music Unit are:

1.To accommodate the music needs of the community

2.Prepare students to teach in the educational system

3.Prepare students to direct music programs for churches, and other organizations.

4.Prepare students to direct/conduct music ensembles

5.Prepare students to arrange, orchestrate and/or compose music for bands, orchestras, choirs, film and television

6.Prepare students to perform all styles of music

7.Prepare students to enroll in graduate programs in music

8.Give students performing opportunities on campus, in the community, and on the state national and international level

9.Provide students the opportunity to learn music skills

10.Allow the interaction of students from traditional and nontraditional backgrounds.

Music Unit Objectives:

1. Have a general knowledge of music history. Students will be able to identify style periods and possible composers (in writing and orally) of Western music from the Medieval through the beginning of the 21st Century. Students will be able to identify historical trends and genre from the African tradition as well as significant styles of jazz, pop and religious music. Students will be able to identify cultural and historical forces that shaped music and be able to communicate these ideas in oral and written form.

2. Have the ability to hear and recognize elements of melody, rhythm, harmony, structure and form

3. Have the ability to sight-sing/read

4. Have the ability to work with the latest music technologies and the ability to apply this knowledge in their field.

5. Have basic keyboard competency (By the end of Class Piano II)

6. Demonstrate ability in their major instrument or voice by successfully completing a final performance recital (with the exception of those pursuing the Music Education and the Bachelor of Arts in Music degrees)

7. Be able to pass a music exit exam with a grade of “B” or better before graduation. (Test to be given at the end of the Junior Year).

Academic Degree Plans for: Bachelor in Music (PDF)