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Transfer of Credit Policy

Florida Memorial University accepts courses earned at other institutions provided that:

  • The grade earned for these courses is a “C” or higher.
  • The courses represent collegiate coursework relevant to the degree program being pursued at the Institution.
  • The course content, level of instruction and resulting competencies are equivalent to those of students enrolled at the institution.
  • Official University transcripts are submitted to the institution for evaluation prior to the transfer students’ admission to the University.

A maximum of 94 credits total may be transferred to Florida Memorial University. Furthermore, the number of credits awarded for a particular transfer course may not exceed the number of credits assigned to the equivalent course at the University.

The school’s dean and the Provost must approve all transfer credits used toward a degree.

Verification of content of transfer courses is made from University catalogs, course syllabi, and certified copies of military documents, and by following guidelines published by the American Council on Education or the American Association of Collegiate Registrar and Admissions Officers.


Postsecondary credits earned by international students at colleges and universities which pattern themselves after the British or other non-American education systems must be evaluated by an external transcript evaluation organization approved by Florida Memorial Unversity.


Florida Memorial University cooperates fully with the community college system of Florida through an articulation agreement. Under this agreement, students who possess the Associate of Arts (AA) degree from regionally accredited community college at the time of admittance to Florida Memorial University will be accepted as juniors, with the understanding that some prerequisite work may be required to fulfill degree requirements in their academic program. Course work for students who enroll without the AA degree will be evaluated on a course by course basis.

Students with an Associate of Arts (AA) degree from other regionally accredited colleges outside of the state of Florida will also be admitted as juniors with the sam stipulations as described above.