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Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Science

(Concentration in Flight Education)

The concentration in Flight Education is the Professional Pilot Program. Students completing this degree will have earned the appropriate Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certificates necessary to seek employment as entry-level commercial pilots or to provide primary ground and flight instruction. This program requires a minimum of 120 semester hours for completion, of which 32 credit hours are for ground school and flight training. The objectives of the Aviation Flight Education area of concentration are to educate students in the discipline of commercial flight, to prepare students for FAA written, oral, and flight examinations, and to provide students with the affective, cognitive, psychomotor, and perceptual skills required for safe flight.


THERE ARE SIGNIFICANT COSTS ASSOCIATED WITH FLIGHT TRAINING. Prior to selecting the Aviation Flight Education concentration, interested students MUST meet with the Director of Aviation & Safety who will brief the prospective flight student on pilot eligibility requirements as well as the cost considerations for flight training. These issues must be understood by all parties concerned prior to enrollment in this concentration of study.

Graduation Requirements:

This concentration requires a minimum of 120 semester hours for completion.
Academic Degree Plans for: Aeronautical Science (Con Flight Education) (PDF)

(Concentration in Air Traffic Control)

This program will prepare individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to air-traffic management and control, usually with additional training at the FAA Flight Control Center in a cooperative education program. It will include instruction in flight control; the use of radar and electronic scanning devices; plotting of flights; radio communication; interpretation of weather conditions affecting flights; flight instrumentation used by pilots; and maintenance of flight-control center or control-tower log books. This degree program will further prepare the student to become qualified for hire by the FAA or private sector entities providing air traffic control services.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Prior to selecting the Air Traffic Control concentration, an interested student must meet with the Director of Aviation & Safety to determine eligibility. The Federal Aviation Administration imposes specific conditions and requirements upon all prospective controllers and employees. In addition, while graduates will have received extensive training in air traffic control, they must pass the Air Traffic Selection and Training Test Battery (ATSAT), a rigorous physical exam, a drug test, and an intensive security and background investigation before employment with the FAA can be pursued.

This concentration requires a minimum of 120 semester hours for completion.
Academic Degree Plans for: Air-Traffic-Control-Academic-Plan.pdf