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Academic Degree Programs

Graduate Programs

Graduate programs are offered in order to provide students with an educational experience that will prepare them to meet the complex challenges of professional life within a diverse and changing society. The Schools listed below provide admission and graduation requirements, policies and procedures, and other programmatic information related to study at the graduate level.

School of Business

School of Education

Undergraduate Programs

School of Arts and Sciences

  • Department of Aviation and Safety
    1. BS in Airway Science (concentration in Airway Science Management)
    2. BS in Aeronautical Science (concentration in Flight Education)
  • Department of Computer Science, Mathematics, and Technology
    1. BS in Computer Information Systems
    2. BS in Computer Science
    3. BS in Management Information Systems
    4. BS in Mathematics
  • Department of Natural Sciences
    1. BS in Biology
    2. BA in Chemistry
    3. BA in Chemistry (with concentration in Radiochemistry)
    4. BS in Chemistry
    5. BS in Environmental Studies
    6. BA in Physics
    7. Dual-Degree Program in Physics and Engineering, with Florida International University
    8. Dual-Degree Program in Biology and Nursing, with the University of Miami
    9. Dual-Degree Program in Biology and Nursing, with Florida International University
  • Department of Humanities
    1. BA in Communications (concentration in Public Relations)
    2. BA in Communications (concentration in Television)
    3. BA in English
    4. BA in Religion and Philosophy
  • Department of Social Sciences
    1. BA in Criminal Justice
    2. BA in Criminal Justice (concentration in Criminology)
    3. BA in Criminal Justice (concentration in Pre-Law)
    4. BA in Political Science/Public Administration
    5. BS in Psychology
    6. BSW- Bachelor of Social Work
    7. BA of Sociology
  • Department of Visual and Performing Arts
    1. BM- Bachelor of Music in Church Music
    2. BM- Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies
    3. BA in Music
  • Interdisciplinary Studies
    1. BA in Interdisciplinary Studies
  • School of Business
    1. BS in Accounting
    2. BS in Business Administration
    3. BS in Finance
    4. BS in Marketing
    5. Dual-Degree Program in Business Administration and Hospitality Management, with Florida International University
  • School of Education
    1. BS in Elementary Education/ESOL
    2. BS in Exceptional Student Education /ESOL
    3. BS in MG General Science (5-9)
    4. BS in MG English/ESOL (5-9)
    5. BS in MG Mathematics (5-9)
    6. BS in Music Education (K-12)<?li>
    7. BS in Physical Education (K-12)
    8. BS in Mathematics (6-12)
    9. BS in Biology (6-12)