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Message from the President

It is a pleasure to represent the Faculty of Florida Memorial University as the President of the Faculty Senate for 2010-2012. We have a dynamic and talented faculty that is committed to student learning, scholarship, research, and service. The Senate also sponsors an Annual Faculty Senate Conference to foster a campus wide commitment to excellence.

The Faculty Senate represents the faculty and assures faculty participation in the formulation of institutional policies and goals, and in their evaluation. The Faculty formally and effectively participates in the governance of Florida Memorial University through the Faculty Senate in accordance with standards set forth by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

The Senate collaborates with the administration of the University to enhance the University and faculty interests. It provides an opportunity for discussion of University affairs and promotes communication among the academic community. The Senate maintains communication with all formal and informal groups of the University community and its affiliates, including but not limited to the Board of Trustees, President’s Cabinet, and any other administrative unit. The Faculty Senate assesses University policies, academic issues, or other matters pertinent to the interests of the University and gives advice and counsel for the implementation of new policies, alteration to existing policies, and when necessary, elimination of present policies. Contingent upon faculty approval, such substantive recommendations are made to the President.

Dr. Richard Yaklich, DMA
Associate Professor of Music/Director of Assessment

Faculty Senate President 2010-2012

Annual Faculty Senate Conference